COVID-19 Safety Protocols

As of September 2020, we will have reached the six-month mark in dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We all want our children to be able to resume the activities that bring them joy in a safe, healthy, careful way. We know how important it is for us to take every possible measure in establishing and maintaining re-opening procedures that place a high priority on the safety and comfort of our students and staff. We’re looking forward to getting back to doing the things we love, and we are confident that the measures we’re taking will help us all do exactly that! Our comprehensive COVID-19 response plan involves three elements: Cleaning, Screening and Caring for People.


  • We have tested and purchased a high-quality, clean-air certified industrial fogger. It’s the same level of sanitization used in hospitals and government facilities, and we’ll be using it between classes in order to ensure our spaces are as clean as possible.
  • Our entire air circulation system has been upgraded, and we have created a scheduled filter maintenance plan with our professional HVAC technicians.
  • We have built our schedule with staggered 15-minute breaks in between group classes so that cleaning can take place, and to reduce the number of students entering and exiting the building at any given time.
  • We’ve secured a reliable, high-quality supplier for PPE needs for our students, and they’ll be available for purchase through Sparks or at the front desk.


  • We are working with our incredible Parent Council to create a robust volunteer screening procedure that will ensure entry protocols are followed. We have purchased quick-scan temperature checkers, and everyone entering and exiting the studios will be required to use hand sanitizer and wear a disposable or cloth mask. Attendance will be done by scan-card at the front entrance – this is safer, more efficient, and ensures we’re not using class time to track attendance.
  • We will be requiring a COVID-19 declaration to be e-signed on behalf of all students before they begin class at Brio. Any changes to the declarations will need to be reported to our team ASAP.


  • We’re leveraging technology: We have switched to a new studio management system that allows our families greater access to information and control over their account. We are transitioning Brio families to a contactless payment plan, and we have streamlined the registration and payment process to reduce physical contact.
  • We’re doing our research: We have been carefully absorbing the latest research on how COVID-19 can spread in our various disciplines and have been working with the many national governing bodies that we are a part of to ensure we are taking advanced measures to ensure safety. We are equipping all our large studios with microphones that will allow instructors to speak at a normal volume, which has been shown to reduce the spread of airborne particles.
  • We’re requiring face masks for anyone entering or exiting Brio: They are also required for students attending class, except for dance and karate, where masks are optional (but encouraged) once students have entered their designated space within the studio. We’re providing our instructors with PPE, which they’ll use in combination with physical distancing to ensure their own safety, and the safety of our students. Students are to come dressed and ready for class. Their bag and/or water bottle stays with them at all times. (Some classes involving group singing will also require face shields as an added precaution).
  • We’re going beyond the 6×6 square: Our studios not only have the recommended 6×6 distancing box taped down; we’ve also created buffer space around each box, so that the instructor can travel through the studio, and students have more space to move. We’re also limiting class sizes to ensure maximum space and maximum safety!
  • We’re adding a new studio space: This means that even though class sizes have decreased, and we have built cleaning time into our schedule, we are still offering MORE class options than ever before.
  • We’re taking it slow: As much as we would like to resume all classes, we know from our research that we need to go slowly – especially for classes involving group singing and young children. We’re holding off on opening our Music Together classes, Mini Mozarts and Training Choir until January, because that’s the safest choice for our little students and their families.
  • We’re designing the flow: We’re limiting two-way traffic by creating a new traffic flow pattern for students entering and exiting the studio. We’ll make use of our back door to ensure that we eliminate two-way traffic wherever possible.
  • We’re limiting traffic: If your student is age 7 or under, one adult is permitted in the studio to accompany them to and from class. We are not allowing adults into the instruction rooms, unless it is for a parent/tot class. Entry to our Chatham studio will be through the front door, and students will exit through the back stairwell and into the west parking lot. We will have staff and volunteers inside the building to assist with traffic flow within the building.
  • We’re adding a personal touch: We know that kids feel more confident if they know where they’re going on their first day. That’s why we’re also making time for studio tour appointments, so that you can visit the studio with your child before classes begin so that they are comfortable in the space, and with protocols that we’ve established.

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