If you’re on this page, chances are … you have questions.

That’s no problem, because we have answers. And most likely, you’ll find the info you’re looking for on this page. We’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions so that you’re able to make an informed decision.

We know that you want your child to have the best start in life, and that’s why it’s our goal to make our programming affordable, accessible and easy to navigate.

Our policies and procedures help us keep things organized and easy to manage for our students, our families and the Brio team.

One of the most important tools we make available to you is your family portal. You’ll create your account when you register, and then you’re able to monitor upcoming tuition payments, make changes to your information, register for new classes and receive important notifications from Brio. You’ll find it by clicking any of our registration buttons on this website. We strongly suggest you bookmark your parent portal for easy access – it’s a great tool!

How are tuition payments made?

We ask all students to register for classes through our family portal. You can follow any registration link on this site, and it will take you there. We do this so that families can ensure their information is correct, and policies and waivers are read and electronically signed each year. In order to complete registration, you’ll choose a pre-authorized payment method for tuition (we accept VISA, MasterCard and direct debit from your bank account).

Tuition payments are due on the 1st of the month, and are processed automatically through the payment method you’ve chosen. You don’t need to do anything, or worry about coming in during business hours! We’ve streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible.

How long is your season?

Our regular season runs from September to mid-June. For group classes, we take the entire year’s tuition total and divide it into 9 equal payments due the first of each month from September to May. The September payment is due upon registration, and this secures your child’s space in the class. We do not charge registration fees.

The 9 equal tuition payments take into account all holiday closures and factor in two weather cancellations per season. Holiday closures can be found in the calendar in your family portal.

Private lessons in all disciplines are charged on a monthly basis, based on the number of lessons in a given month.

Do you offer class discounts?

We do! We want to help make lessons at Brio as affordable as possible, and so we offer family discounts on all group classes. The number of classes listed in the discount table below are ‘per family’. You do not need to register for 3 classes per individual in order to activate the discount.

1st and 2nd class: Regular price

3rd and 4th class: 20% percent off

5th and more: 50% off

This is a discount program for group classes only. This does not apply to private lessons, family music classes or sessional classes, which may have their own discount structure.

Every family at Brio must have a valid pre-authorized payment method on file in order to register. Upcoming tuition fees can be seen through your family portal. The full balance of your account is always run on the first of the month, using the PAP method we have on file.

In the event of a charge being returned for insufficient funds, a $25 NSF fee will be added to that student’s Brio account to cover the bank fee that is charged to Brio. Please call ahead or pay ahead if other arrangements need to be made.

Any class may be dropped upon 30 days’ notice.

After March 31, any classes that required a costume to be ordered must be paid in full for the remainder of the year, including any outstanding costume fees.

If Brio is required to suspend in-studio classes due to an emergency declaration or other required closure(s), all classes will continue via Zoom or other live electronic meeting platform.

Students will continue to pay for classes and will receive a 20% discount on fees for group classes. Any one-on-one lessons like private music lessons will continue at the regular rate.

If you choose to withdraw from classes, you may do so according to our 30-day policy. We will not hold spots for students under these circumstances.

Because we live in Canada, we’ve come to expect some inclement weather in the winter months.

We account for TWO weather days per year in our tuition fees for group classes. If you have the same class cancelled more than two times, we will offer a makeup later in the year. We do not offer discounts based on weather, but we do track and address cancellations based on this policy.

Typically, if schools are closed, we will be, as well. We will continue to offer private lessons over Zoom. We do not automatically cancel classes because of bussing. If schools are open, but the weather continues to degrade throughout the day, or a weather emergency is declared, we will notify families via email, family portal and on social media. Please check these communication methods if you are in doubt.

Yes, you do.

Even if you are registered for us through All4Kids, or you prefer to come in before the 1st of the month to pay, or even if you’ve paid in full for the year – we need a payment method on file for costume fees and other incidentals.

We do!

We also accept payment through CAS. In order to register your student, we need written confirmation from AFK (or other organization) as to the payment arrangement that they’ve offered. Verbal notice is not sufficient to hold a student’s place in a program. We do still need a payment method on file for incidentals like music, costumes, uniforms, etc.

There are incidental fees with many programs, and it’s good to keep them in mind.

Our dancers and musical theatre performers pay a costume deposit of $35 PER CLASS on the November 1 payment. The balance is to be paid on June 1. We work very hard to keep costume costs low, but you can expect the balance to be between $30-50 per costume. If we are doing a holiday musical, Musical Theatre students will also pay a $25 costume rental fee in October. Dancers need appropriate dancewear, which can be purchased through us, or through another retailer.

Karate students need a traditional uniform, called a ‘gi’, which can be purchased through Brio. They keep this uniform until they grow out of it. Student-weight gis cost between $30-50, depending on the size.

Any registration fees for competitions, festivals, tournaments, etc are not included in your tuition fee. Tickets to performances are also an additional fee.

Music students may be required to purchase music books, and we expect students to have an instrument to practice on. Sometimes, we can assist with finding good used instruments, or recommend retailers for this purpose.

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