Choirs and Musical Theatre

Unique, innovative classes for amazing kids!

Something that makes Brio especially unique is the one-of-a-kind performance-based programming we offer. You won’t find these programs anywhere else in CK – they’re unique to us, and we are so proud of them!

These programs provide an entry point for students interested in exploring our choirs and musical theatre programs, and they also serve as a vehicle for accomplished, serious teen actors and musicians to gain valuable performance opportunities and instruction.

Our performance programs offer the perfect balance of hard-work and fun, engaging relationship building opportunities with other students who love music and the performing arts, too!

Starting in 2022, we decided to open our choir up to all Brio students – for free, forever! We think that access to collaborative creative arts is so important, we want to make sure that every student that walks through our doors has the ability to make music with their friends!

Free Choir. Yes.
You read that right!

We happen to think that making music with friends is one of the most exciting, community-building things we can offer our students! Whether they come to us for music, art, dance, karate or any other program, we want to offer them the opportunity to share in the simple joy of singing with their friends.

We want to share the joy of music with every student at Brio. And starting in 2022, we decided to do just that! Brio’s choir, under the direction of our artistic director, Rachel Schwarz, is free. Forever. For all Brio students! Once you’re enrolled in your Brio classes, just let us know you’d like your student to take advantage of participating in our free Brio Choir! Then, we make beautiful music! It’s that easy.

Brio’s Musical Theatre Intensive:
The Only Program of its kind in Chatham-Kent!

Our most popular performance program, now with expanded age groups!

Our Musical Theatre Intensive is one of Brio’s flagship programs. This exciting program is a training ground for students interested in becoming Triple Threat performers, and features high-level training and performance opportunities. The Musical Theatre Intensive is a dynamic course of study that give students the best that theatre education has to offer! Students learn every area of stagecraft, and are also introduced to aspects of technical theatre, like stage management and design.

This program is a comprehensive course of study in all aspects of performance. It includes weekly lessons in dance, drama and music. It’s a seamlessly planned curriculum that results in a public performances of some of Broadway’s biggest hits!

We’re exited to be producing Disney’s Frozen Jr. for our Fall 2022 show. All MTI students will participate in this exciting production!

Our MTI Mini program is new this year, and packs all the fun of our regular MTI program into one class per week. Here, our youngest performers enjoy the opportunity to be introduced to the world of musical theatre. They receive dance, drama and music training, laying the foundation for a lifetime of love for the performing arts. Our mini program is fun, high-energy, engaging and educational. We want out minis to fall in love with musical theatre, and we are excited to share that journey with them.

MTI Minis will participate in a minimum of two performances per year.

We love teaching Musical Theatre to this age group! This year, we’ve added new groups to accommodate the unique learning needs of young performers of every age, and we are so excited to welcome our juniors into an exciting season. MTI Juniors are at Brio twice a week, and enjoy learning from a variety of faculty members, for maximum effect! Starting at Jr and above, our MTI programs include independent dance, drama and music classes. Juniors have the opportunity to perform on their own, as well as with other MTI age groups in our large main-stage productions.

Starting at Junior, our MTIs have the opportunity to add a musical theatre tap class onto their schedule, which is one of our most popular dance styles.

We are excited to add the MTI Intermediate program to our class list this year. Intended as the final stepping-stone into our audition-only Senior performance team, this program helps nurture the serious performance skills of our younger teen performers. Students experience a high level of training in dance, drama and music (including more advanced part-singing), and are involved in aspects of technical theatre production, too!

This is a fun, educational program that builds serious performance skills and helps students develop lasting friendships with other young performers. Many of our Intermediate performers will step into leading roles this year, and we can’t wait to see them grow. MT: Intermediate students will perform several times per year, and are encouraged to join the Musical Theatre tap class to help further develop their dance abilities.

The Senior Musical Theatre team is the only program at Brio Academy that is by invitation or audition only. It is a program that is designed for students who are graduates of our Musical Theatre Intensive, have extensive performance backgrounds, or are interested in a career or post-secondary education in the performing arts. Here, students hone their musical theatre skills through high-level instruction and practical application of their studies. They demonstrate high understanding and competence in thier craft, and enjoy a fast-paced, challenging learning environment. Students interested in post-secondary education in the performing arts should absolutely inquire about auditioning for this program.

MTI Seniors are leaders in the Brio community, and some join our faculty as instructors before pursuing their post-secondary performance careers. Entry into this program includes training in music, drama and musical theatre-style dance. Many of our seniors also extend their learning through private lessons or participation in advanced dance classes at Brio Academy.

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