Your child deserves the best start in life. We want what you want: to nurture your child's unlimited potential through high-quality, carefully crafted instruction and guidance.

But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be affordable! Our rates are simple, straightforward and accessible for every family in our community.

Our season is based on 9 equal payments, and we offer discounts and incentives for families that pay in advance, and families with multiple children who attend Brio.

What are the tuition fees for your classes?

We have regular hourly classes, and we also offer some specialty classes. In general, our class fees are as follows:

30 minute class - $30+ HST per month

45 minute class - $40 + HST per month

60 minute class - $50 + HST per month

What is the Tuition for the CK Children's Chorus?

$45+HST per month for CKCC and Chamber Ensemble. $40+HST per month for Training Choir.

Students who do not have a uniform will be required to purchase one before the choir's first public appearance.

What are the rates for Zanshin Dojo, your martial arts partner?

Whether students have graduated from our Kinder Kix programs, or they are simply old enough to enter right into Zanshin Dojo's exceptional karate program, we manage all their registrations. The fees for those classes are as follows:

White Belt Class, Intermediate Class or Advanced/Adult Class - $80+HST per month

Sparring Class or Kobudo Class - $50+HST per month (Must also be registered in a regular Zanshin workout class)

What are the rates for your Music Together classes?

Our award-winning Music Together family classes offer parents, caregivers and young children the opportunity to grow and experience the early stages of musical development together. They are offered in 10-week sessions, and include invaluable family resources that are yours to keep.

10-week session - $100+HST

Materials Fee - $60

Students with multiple children under the age of 5 in the same Music Together class will receive a 50% discount for each additional child. The fee for materials is per family - there is no additional materials fee for additional children.

What are the rates for your musical theatre intensive program?

Our Musical Theatre intensive is the only program of its kind in our area. It offers 3 hours of instructional time per week, with the goal of performing a fully-costumed, staged production of a hit broadway musical. This program includes training in music, theatre and dance.

Monthly tuition fee: $100+HST

There will be a costume fee of $50 per family, which will be charged in February of 2018.

What are your tuition fees for private lessons?

Fees for private lessons vary slightly from instructor to instructor. Generally, they range from $22.50-$25 per half-hour lesson. There are additional fees that come up during the course of study that are not included in these fees. These additional costs include, but are not limited to: registration fees for competition or performance, sheet music fees, the cost of an appropriate instrument and upkeep of the instrument.

Private lessons are not part of any multi-class or family discounts.

Do you offer any family or multi-class discounts?

Absolutely! We offer discounts based on number of classes, so no matter how many children you have in your family, you receive significant discounts for multiple registrations.

1st and 2nd class: Regular price
3rd and 4th class: 20% percent off
5th and more: 50% off
This does not apply to private lessons, or to the Family music classes, which have their own discount structure.

Is there anything else I should know about?

We want to give you plenty of time to try out our programs, and find the right fit for your family. That's why, we offer the opportunity to register in the fall and drop or transfer without penalty until November 30th. After that, a one-month penalty will apply.

We will accept tuition payments through All-for-Kids or other support organizations for children and families.

What about costumes?

For our music, dance and performing arts classes, we will hold an end-of-year performance in June. Costume/uniform requirements will be distributed during the first month of classes, and deposits for any required pieces will be due in October of 2017. The balance will be due in February, 2018.

No single costume for the 2018-19  year will exceed $65+HST.

A gi (karate uniform) for Zanshin Dojo can be purchased in the Brio Boutique. A gi is required for any student registered in a class at Zanshin Dojo. Kinder Kix students may also purchase a gi from Brio.

Dance wear can be purchased through us, or through any other dance wear supplier.