Welcome to Martial Arts at Brio!

Martial arts are a fantastic way for kids to reach physical developmental milestones in a safe, fun atmosphere.

For adults, Marial Arts are an incredible way to develop  physical strength and stamina, as well as mental acuity.

Kinder Kix

At Brio, our early years programs offer a a fast-paced and fun intro to karate training.  Kinder Kix is a one-of-a-kind program that introduces boys and girls as young as 3 to the world of martial arts and fitness.

Zanshin Dojo Karate

Zanshin Dojo, our in-house karate club, is the place for lifelong martial arts learning. We balance strong training with encouragement and fun in a way that keeps the students coming back for more!


At Brio, we work hard to create awesome partner classes to our traditional karate training. Karate's sister martial art is "kobudo" - ancient weaponry. The weapons we train in are tombo, bo, sai, nunchaku, tonfa, and kama.

Chinese Fan

Our Martial Arts program has expanded to include other disciplines, including our monthly Fan Seminar Class. Chinese Fan training is a form of tai chi. This ancient martial art helps develop balance, strength and coordination in a unique and beautiful way, and is an amazing workout for body and mind.


Students who have their yellow belt and above are invited to be a part of our sparring class - a weekly, dedicated class when students get on sparring equipment and hone their sparring skills. We also offer monthly Saturday workshops with visiting instructors.


We are proud to be the only Martial Arts studio in our area offering classes in Iaido, which is the art of Japanese swordsmanship. At Brio, students of iaido learn how to properly handle the katana while refining their concentration, perception and presence in the moment. Iaido is part of our monthly Saturday seminars.
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Want more info about Zanshin Dojo?

We've got you covered! Visit their website to learn about their award-winning classes for youth ages 8-15, and their adult classes, too!

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