Primary Combo Dance Classes at Brio


One of the biggest strengths at Brio is our early years programming. We understand the balance between learning and exploring, and we love having the opportunity to introduce our youngest students to something that ignites their passion and creativity! Our early years dance program is designed to introduce our young dancers to the world of dance! We offer a variety of combo classes that give kids the chance to learn multiple dance styles, and give them a balanced, innovative introduction to the world of dance!

Our 45-minute combo classes for students ages 4-5 serve as a gateway into more serious study. We know that at this age, kids still love to play and explore - and we help create the space for them to do that. Our primary dance classes give kids the tools they need to build a lifelong love of dance and the performing arts! They serve as a foundation for any future dance study, and give young artists a safe space to explore their passion and creativity.

Primary Combo Classes

Ballet/Hip Hop
Hip Hop/Tap