There's something for everyone at Brio!

At Brio, we offer classes for every child in Chatham-Kent. From infants to teens, we have a program designed to encourage your child's natural abilities and interests. We focus on developing the whole child. Improving cognitive, creative, social and physical literacy - that's the cornerstones of everything we do here.

Our classes are designed and taught by experienced, educated instructors with extensive knowledge in their chosen field. Every class at Brio offers our students a chance to explore their interests and grow in new and exciting ways.

Through our unique take on whole-child development, we are your partner in your child's success and growth. We take learning seriously, so that your child can have serious fun while discovering his or her potential in an educational, nurturing environment.

Dance Classes

We offer a wide range of dance classes from 18 months to young adult. With programs ranging from play-based creative movement to the highly respected Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet syllabus, we are ready to teach young dancers of all ages and abilities in a healthy, supportive environment.

Kinder Kix!

Through co-operation with Zanshin Dojo Karate Club, we offer a one-of-a-kind youth martial arts program that takes the discipline and focus of karate, and turns it into a fun, nurturing introduction to lifelong learning and a healthy, active lifestyle!

Music Lessons

Our private music instruction is based on extensive education, experience and the most current research in youth music education. We tailor our instruction to the individual student, offering a customized lesson pathway that allows each student to shine.

Early Years

Our play-based early years programming in music, dance and movement offer families of infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers a completely unique program of study to our area. Whether it's the revolutionary Music Together curriculum or our dance and movement classes built on Health Canada's early years developmental milestones, one thing is for sure: your child is in for a fun, enriching time at Brio!

CK Children's Chorus

Brio is proud to be the home of Chatham-Kent's only community children's choir. The CKCC is an established training program that offers young singers the chance to develop their artistic skills and musical knowledge within a completely unique program to our community. The CKCC is not only an educational program, but is also performance-based, offering young singers the chance to share their music with the community!

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre program is entirely new to our community, and offers young performers the chance to bring a fully-costumed, staged musical production to the community of Chatham-Kent. Our Musical Theatre program is a hybrid of music, drama and dance instruction, with exciting results! Students will participate in a program of study tailored to their needs, with emphasis on stagecraft and community engagement.

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