September 22: Proof of Vaccination Information

Hello Brio students and families,

On behalf of the Brio Parent Council I want to welcome you to the 2021/2022 season at Brio Academy! We are off to a great start and have enjoyed meeting many of you for the first time.

When the season first began, no clear direction had been provided with regards to youth recreational facilities and the vaccine passport. Since then, the Ontario Ministry of Health has issued requirements for specific businesses and organizations to verify proof of vaccination before allowing entry into those establishments by patrons. This message is about those and other requirements to help you know what to expect, and to help our families and students feel safe and comfortable attending classes at Brio Academy.

Safe Learning Environments at Brio Academy

As you may already know, the Brio Parent Council is made up of a small group of parent volunteers who coordinate some initiatives within the Brio community, including ensuring safe entry screening of Brio Academy students. We want everyone who chooses to learn with Brio to know they are in a safe environment that has several measures in place to keep it that way.

COVID-19 Safe Entry screening

If you’ve attended a class at Brio Academy in the last 18 months, you probably encountered one of our friendly Safe Entry volunteers! Safe entry screening procedures include: 

  • maintaining physical distance
  • wearing masks that cover the nose, mouth, and chin
  • checking that body temperature is within normal range
  • contact tracing through student attendance taking, and 
  • ensuring all students sanitize their hands before proceeding to classes

In addition to these measures, which all take place upon arrival, all students who attend school in the public, catholic, or private setting are already required to perform a screening for COVID-19 symptoms before attending school. If your child is still in good health after attending school for the day they may attend their classes at Brio Academy once completing the safe entry procedure. Students who are home-schooled should perform the daily COVID-19 screening before attending. The Ontario screening tool can be accessed here: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/

For older students, you may find that the volunteers have already gone home for the evening. Any time there is no volunteer at the entrance, please pause and follow the instructions posted at the table. Ensure you are feeling well, sanitize your hands, take your temperature and wait for a green light which indicates your temperature is within normal range. Once complete, you may proceed to your class.

Students who are not feeling well should remain home and not attend class. As well, students who have been instructed to self-isolate because of a suspected exposure to COVID-19 should remain home and not attend class. In all cases, we encourage you to utilize the school-screening for your child daily, and to follow all recommendations from public health officials that you receive.

Proof of Vaccine Requirements

Brio Academy has restricted access to the facility to students attending classes and a single guardian of students 7 years of age or younger. As of Wednesday, September 22, 2021 Brio Academy must require each patron who wishes to enter to first provide proof of identification and proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This is a directive of the Ontario Ministry of Health, and must be followed. The directive describes the baseline requirement and contains some guidelines and some exceptions, so please read on.

Under the directive, some people do not need to show ID and proof of vaccination:

  • Patrons, under 18 years of age who are entering the facility to participate in a class at Brio Academy
  • All children under 12 years of age who are not participating in a class at Brio Academy (proof of age is required)
  • Those entering Brio Academy for work purposes and not as patrons, including workers and volunteers
  • Patrons who are entering the facility for the sole purpose of paying tuition, making a retail purchase, or using a washroom
  • Patrons who provide proof of identification and proof of a medical exemption issued by a physician (“MD”), registered nurse (“RN(EC)”), or nurse practitioner (“NP”)
    • The name of the person in the written documentation must match the identification provided;
    • The physician’s or registered nurse name and contact information;
    • Logo or letterhead identifying the physician or registered nurse;
    • Statement that there is a medical reason for the individual’s exemption from being fully vaccinated against COVID-19; and
    • If an effective time-period for the medical reason is present, the date the person is seeking entry to the business must be within the stated effective time-period

All other people must provide proof of identification and proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before being allowed to enter the facility.

If you are a caregiver or guardian of a student aged 7 and younger who wishes to accompany your child into Brio Academy, please have your proof of full vaccination and identification with you upon arrival. Our volunteers will verify your documentation and record your attendance and contact details for contact tracing purposes and then allow you to proceed with your child inside.

Additional Vaccine Requirements at Brio Academy

In addition to the MOH directive, the Reopening Ontario Act requires concert halls and theatres to ask for proof of identification and proof of full vaccination of all people age 12 and older. In order to ensure that all students can participate in the production taking place in November 2021, Brio Academy must ensure that all students over 12 years of age in a performance program are fully vaccinated.

Likewise, Zanshin Dojo Advanced Class students are required to be fully vaccinated because many of the advanced class drills require close contact.

Volunteering with Safe Entry 

In the near future the Brio Parent Council will be asking for volunteers to help with safe entry screening. With enough volunteers to share the work, each person will only need to take one shift each month. Please consider joining us this year in helping with this important task. 

Volunteering with the Brio Parent Council

The Brio Parent Council arranges fundraisers, and provides support and manpower at special Brio events like the November production. Our small and welcoming group meets the first Friday of every month at 7:30PM over Zoom. We appreciate the contributions of every member. We invite you to send a message to parentcouncil@learnwithbrio.com to find out how you can become involved too.

Other Information Related to COVID-19

As always, we encourage everyone to continue to follow public health guidelines and to get vaccinated if eligible. There are even more COVID-19 safety measures and protocols that are followed within the classrooms to help keep everyone safe and healthy. If you have any questions regarding any of the ways Brio staff, volunteers, and families are kept safe from COVID-19 within the Brio facility, we encourage you to contact your student’s teacher or one of the caring office staff. 

We are glad to support all our students and families with initiatives like these. Thanks to each one of you for your dedication and support to help make Brio Academy an exceptional place to learn and grow!

Kind regards,



Rachel Ann Smit

Brio Parent Council

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