Martial Arts

At Brio, our early years programs offer a a fast-paced and fun intro to karate training.  Kinder Kix is a one-of-a-kind program that introduces boys and girls as young as 3 to the world of martial arts and fitness.

We’ve worked to craft a program that makes all of the benefits of traditional karate accessible to your little one! Our specially-designed curriculum is created to empower your child through activities that are designed in accordance with Health Canada’s physical literacy milestones.

Kinder Kix is a one-of-a-kind program created specifically for our youngest karate students – we equip them with all the skills and training they need to carry their interest into studies at Zanshin Dojo Karate Club, our in-house martial arts partner. Kinder Kix classes are offered at both Chatham and Ridgetown Locations.

Zanshin Dojo, our in-house karate club, is the place for lifelong martial arts learning. We balance strong training with encouragement and fun in a way that keeps the students coming back for more!

For kids older than 7, or adults of any age, Zanshin Dojo is the place for lifelong martial arts learning. Zanshin Dojo is our in-house martial arts partner, and it’s here that our students are able to get serious about their karate training. We offer the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, discipline and fun, and physical and mental challenge. Here, students learn a traditional style known as Shorin Ryu, which is one of the oldest styles of karate.

Students of Zanshin Dojo and their families rave about the traditional atmosphere of the karate club – which begins and ends with respect, and balances strong training with encouragement and fun in a way that keeps the students coming back for more!

At Brio, we work hard to create awesome partner classes to our traditional karate training. As soon as we’re safely able, we’ll be re-introducing sparring into our curriculum.

Sparring, or “Kumite” (pronounced KOO-mee-tay), means “meeting of the hands”. A kumite match in karate is a chance for a student to hone certain crucial aspects of training, including speed, timing, distance, focus, and endurance.

Safety is a key element in the Zanshin Dojo kumite class. For that reason, appropriate equipment is required, including a mouth guard, gloves and foot protection. We practice on both on our regular dojo floor and on mats, so we can be accustomed to either surface and also take advantage of the mats to practice takedowns.

Karate’s sister martial art is “kobudo” – ancient weaponry. The weapons we train in are tombo, bo, sai, nunchaku, tonfa, and kama. We also welcome guest instructors for Iaido and Chinese Fan. We’ll be announcing opportunities throughout the year to train in these ancient weapons.

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Students who have graduated from our Kinder Kix program, or who are 8+ are invited to train at Zanshin Dojo, our in-house karate club. We have classes for all levels, including adult beginners to advanced.

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